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Don't Mind Me

Edition of 50
3" x 2.5" x 2.5"

"Don't Mind Me" is inspired by the first time I saw a horned lizard in the wild. One afternoon while sitting and thinking something moving in the corner of my eye caught my attention. When I looked down, there looking back at me just a few inches away was one of these guys. He sat and watched me for a while before scurrying along. Any brush like that with nature is special.  
Seeing a horned lizard is always a real treat. Both unique and sadly rarer, their tame and friendly demeanor makes a fun and striking contrast to their somewhat grumpy appearance.  Horned lizards fly in the face of stereotypes about reptiles. They have distinct and observable personalities, which makes them fun to watch, and if you're lucky enough, interact with. "Don't Mind Me" celebrates these stoic yet friendly litlte lizards, and the moments our path crosses theirs.

People love horned lizards, and as such there is a considerable demand for captive specimens in the herptile hobby. Horned lizards are not currently listed as threatened, but recent research has indicated their wild populations are declining in some areas. Similarly, as they eat ants in the wild, their diets are very difficult to replicate and regulate in captivity. Horned lizards are truly a species best left in their natural habitats or in the care of experts. Don't support the catching and sale of horned lizards. Even when done legally, it's impact may not be worth the cost.