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Edge of Time

Edition of 20
20" x 13" x 10"
Finalist: 2014 Los Alamos
Smart Art Contest

Time: One of the most elusive properties of the Universe that flows before us everyday, misunderstood and often no more regarded than a passing glance at a clock as we wait for the work day to end. 
Time is one of physics greatest mysteries and something that has always captivated me. Once planning to make my career in science, time was of particular interest to me. To this day I am intrigued by the notion that if I were to ask you to define time, you likely couldn't do it. Your answers would all approximate measurements of time without defining the thing itself.
This sculpture represents the flow of time as Einstein knew it, a type of ripple or current that is only linear when we imagine it to be such. Juxtaposing a modern day Desert Spiny Lizard with the prehistoric Pterandon, linked by the "Temporis" glass panel, this composition illustrates a moment as something both finite and infinite.   
My grandfather is the man who first introduced me to the sciences and sparked a love and fascination that almost became my career. Similarly, he also taught me the art of stained glass and was able to share his input as I created this sculpture. One of the things I enjoy most about "Edge of Time" is that like time itself, taking the piece in is what we make it.