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Far From Home

Edition of 50
11" x 6" x4"
2nd place. Sculpture.
"Art From the Heart Show."

Life is filled with the unexpected. Even living in a world in which the unknown often can be kept out of sight and mind, too often we end up finding ourselves face-to-face with impossible scenarios in a multitude of forms. "Far From Home" captures that first moment in which the unknown confronts us head on. Featuring a Texas Banded Gecko and a Stag Beetle, the key unlocking this sculpture's significance comes from the fact that neither animal occupies the same region of Texas. One seeing the other up close and personal would never happen in all likelihood, literally placing one or both far from home. I depicted this moment without an true hint at what might happen next because such is the nature of the story as it plays out in our own lives. One of the few guarantees we face is change. Coming or going, no matter our path, we will all encounter situations we've never experienced and sometimes those will probably feel terrifying. Other times, an introduction to the unknown might be totally pleasant. Nevertheless, when the story is told we're not defined by the unexpected, the surprises, and even by what can feel like insurmountable odds facing us. That single moment before we act is the precursor to our real story and never dictates the next. We are defined by the move we choose to make, and therein lies who we really are. 



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