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Handle With Care

Edition of 50
12" x 8" x 8"

People often know beauty as something elegant--refined--pretty. Beauty is so much more complex than the familiar version we're always handed. Growing up in the Southwest I was always struck by the inescapable pull: There's just something about the landscapes, the history, the flora, and fauna. Despite how rough and harsh some if it is, there's an implacable source of captivation.  "Handle With Care" embodies that dichotomy. Beauty is often dualism, and can be simultaneously fine and graceful yet deadly and dangerous. Within the natural world even the things that frighten us fit into an order and purpose.
My first run-in with a Western Diamondback came as a tell-tale rustle amidst a forest near Los Alamos New Mexico, and was something I will always remember. Often loathed and feared, rattlesnakes are actually vital niche members of the ecosystems they occupy and aid in the reduction of disease-carrying rodents. Despite popular conceptions, they are generally not aggressive and strike only when startled or as a last resort as it takes time to produce their venom, which is needed primarily for hunting.

"Handle With Care" was my first bronze tea kettle, inspired in part by a lifelong fascination with the artistry and functionality of bronze vessels from the old world, particularly ancient China.


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