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On the Fence

Edition of 30
15" x 7" x 4"

This is a very special sculpture. I learned the bronze process as an apprentice to James G. Moore, acclaimed for his merger of Southwestern wildlife with the Japanese temple bell form. To this day, Jim is still my mentor and one of my closest friends and has always been a strong influence upon my work. Jim and I have often talked about the fact that artists practicing in the world of fine art can tend toward division and a competitive spirit. In reality, our we're all peers and contemporaries and there is so much more to be gained in seeing each other as assets than competitors. Jim and I sculpted "On the Fence" together. Since reptiles and extreme realism are my speciality I created the stand and the lizard, while Jim sculpted the bell.  The resulting sculpture has been tremendously popular, even appearing in magazines, which I attribute to our mutual vision and collaboration to create something both meaningful and beautiful.

The lizard depicted is a fence lizard, very common in Colorado, and one with a lot of personality. This particular one is eyeing a beetle, debating on whether he's hungry or not.  Jim's bell depicts a king bird and a meadow lark. Both are commonly seen on the prairie where we live and work. "On the Fence" is very much about our identity in our home and is a perfect representation of the journey Jim and I have shared as friends and contemporaries.

You can also see "On the Fence" on Jim's site here: "On the Fence" and I would encourage you to take the time to browse his work.     

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